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Anna-Karin Alm

VP and Managing Director

LinkedIn anna-karin.alm@sdsmedteq.com

Anna-Karin is the Managing Director at SDS MedteQ and an experienced leader within the research and development, quality, and continuous improvement area. She has a demonstrated history of working with improvements of Quality Management Systems in the medical device industry. Strong operational and professional skills in medical devices, Research and Development, Quality Systems, business excellence and cross-cultural management. Anna-Karin has been leading and implementing extensive changes in Design Control and Quality Management Systems within the medical device area.

Johan Sköld

Director Medtech Compliance

LinkedIn johan.skold@sdsmedteq.com

Johan is the Compliance Director at SDS MedteQ and has 30 years of experience as a manager/director within the medical device industry. Johan has demonstrated a history of managing quality and regulatory teams but also other areas such as portfolio management, design control and project management. He holds a certificate as a program manager from the Project Management Institute. Johan has been responsible for regulatory strategies and implementation of quality management systems (QMS) within large international organizations, as well as smaller organizations. With strong business and communication skills and international knowledge of both quality compliance and the regulatory environment, Johan will be an excellent choice to coordinate and support all kinds of compliance projects within the medical device industry.

Anna Törner

Business Developer

LinkedIn anna.torner@medteq.com

Anna is a founder of Scandinavian Development Services (SDS) Group and holds a PhD in Biostatistics from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. Her varied experience comes from work within regulatory authorities, the pharmaceutical industry and academic research. She has long-standing industry experience as a consultant within regulatory affairs and drug clinical trials at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacia & Upjohn and Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, to name a few. Anna's expertise lies within clinical development and she is particularly interested in merging statistical and regulatory knowledge to create studies better suited for regulatory needs.

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