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If you've ever thought, ''I want to help the best innovations get all the way to the patient'', there's no need to go any further. As a consultancy firm within medtech, we see ourselves as the bridge between innovators and regulators. 

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Anna-Karin Alm, VP & Managing Director

Where SDS makes a difference 👩‍⚕️

SDS MedteQ has a wide range of expertise. But together with our sister company SDS Life Science, it's even wider. If you ask our managing director Anna-Karin Alm, this is where we truly make a difference for our clients.

Farha Sayeed, Associate Consultant

Finding a sense of purpose in medtech 🌟

There might be many reasons why people get into medtech. For Farha, it's a personal experience. By watching this movie, you'll get a sense of her inner motivation and why anyone can find a sense of purpose at SDS.

Johan Sköld, Director Medtech Compliance

Everyday life at SDS MedteQ 🌞

As a consultant at SDS MedteQ, one of your closest colleagues will be Johan Sköld, our Director of Medtech Compliance (konsultchef). Johan has about 30 years in the business so you can rest assured, he's someone you can lean on in your day-to-day activities.

Client Case

What a typical client case looks like 👨‍💼

Anna-Karin Alm takes you through a case on a borderline product. A borderline product is a product that can be defined as both a medical device and drug/substance.

Job opportunities

Our current vacancies

Senior quality consultant

We are looking for a senior quality consultant in medical technology. In the role of quality consultant, you'll assist customers with operational and/or strategic support in the quality area. For example, it can be about e.g. gap analyses, risk management, audits, development of operational systems, contacts with notified bodies, authorities and other organizations, as well as interpretations of regulations, and generation of various quality documents


Senior regulatory consultant

Do you want to help companies at the forefront of technology get products into all different markets? We’re hiring a regulatory affairs consultant with a thorough understanding of the regulatory processes in medical technology. As a consultant at SDS MedteQ, you work on exciting and developing projects from a knowledge base with competent senior colleagues.


Spontaneous application

Sometimes even we don't know what we're looking for. But if you want to work with quality assurance, quality management systems, and regulatory affairs while simultaneously help our clients get their great innovations to the market. Click the link below and apply. 



An ecosystem of expertise


We take pride in our willingness to help each other. Sure, you can sometimes be the sole consultant in a project, but you're never really alone. So what's the advantage for you as a consultant at SDS MedteQ?

📚 You can lean on our collective and complementary knowledge.

👩‍🎓  A firm with a huge knowledge capital.

💉 You'll have opportunities to work with SDS Life Science on borderline and combination products.

🐣 You can find your place as a newly hatched trainee or senior consultant.


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