SDS starts a consultancy firm with medtech focus

SDS MedteQ is a sister company to SDS Life Science

SDS Life Science forms a sister company focused on medical technology. The company, SDS MedteQ, will be led by CEO Anna-Karin Alm.

- What we see is a huge need for support within especially small and medium-sized Medtech companies regarding the new regulations, MDR, which sees the light of day in may of 2021. We have had many requests already and it's feels great to be a part of this transition, says Anna-Karin Alm, the new CEO for SDS MedteQ

Anna-Karin has formerly been the head of the medical device department at SDS Life Science. Now, the department branches off into its own company; SDS MedteQ. There is, according to Anna-Karin, several benefits of making the medtech department into its own company. 

Anna Törner (left), and Anna-Karin Alm are part of the leadership at SDS MedteQ

Increased visibility

- From the standpoint of visibility, it becomes easier to increase our brand awareness and reach new clients and recruit new talent, Anna-Karin argues. 

SDS MedteQ will have a presence in the same offices as SDS Life Science: Stockholm, Uppsala, Lund and Oslo. 

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